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asset tracking

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SafeTrac offers powerful management tools to help clients improve their asset optimisation and increase safety and security. Our system allows our clients to remotely track and manage all assets from anywhere in the world.

Asset tracking
Asset tracking

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Discreet Asset Tracking Solutions

We have a range of asset tracking hardware , from a permanent power(Solar or Engine) to small battery unit with 5 -9 years life span.

There’s no installation requirement with our  Asset unit, so it’s easy to use and with a battery life of up to 15 years depending on settings, it offers long term management of your valuable assets. The unit has an exceptionally strong construction making it suitable for use in all weathers and heavy industry. It also has a range of sensors providing vital management information for reporting and monitoring – whether for Health & Safety, equipment damage or Supply Chain logistics.

Ultra-durable design Our Asset tracker  is constructed with a Nylon Polymer outer shell, with purpose built circuitry potted in epoxy resin creating a 100% solid device. It’s ultra durable and will withstand the most heavy duty of business applications whilst retaining a small size. Tested to (in)destruction. Wide range of accreditations from CE to Drop, Vibration, EMC, IP69K (highest possible rating meaning fully waterproof to pressure wash) underlines extreme quality.

Ultimate in security Technology within the unit defeats the tools used by professional thieves such as jammers and detectors, with automatic fail-back systems and a homing beacon for location indoors which cannot be achieved with GPS alone.

A Range of Connectivities

Our Asset tracking  solutions work across a number of networks including 2G, 3G and GPRS, RF id and VHF . This means that even if your asset  is in a place where there’s little mobile signal, you can still track them easily. People often ask “why can’t I use track my goods under ground ” and the answer is, you can. However, due to the nature of a mobile networks , there are some circumstances and areas in which the Gprs Network  will not work every time . Stolen  Goods or asset  won’t wait until you can get into an area with better signal, so you need a product that can.

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For more information about any of our Asset Tracking  solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are always delighted to answer questions and help you to keep your Assets and plant  safe. Call us on 01489 600 900 or visit our contact page to receive more information.

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Asset tracking
Asset Tracking

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