How GPS Tracking Works

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These days, GPS is pretty much everywhere. But have you ever considered how it’s made possible and how it works so well for fleet managers and businesses? GPS stands for global positioning system. Through communication with a network of satellites, GPS allows us to use trilateration.


What’s Trilateration?

You might have already heard of triangulation. Trilateration works along the same lines but is slightly more complicated. Like triangulation, trilateration uses three points of reference to determine the speed, location, and direction of an object. When it comes to GPS, the satellites act as the reference points.

GPS satellites measure just how long it takes for a bounced signal to go from the receiver to itself. By working out how fast the signal travels, the satellite calculates the distance the signal has traveled. Once the three satellites have their information collected, combining the results of the calculations and the relative positions of the satellites, we can work out the position of the receiver.

Thankfully, GPS equipment allows us to avoid doing math at all. Once the receivers are installed in your fleet vehicles, they will do the work for you.

The Importance of Fleet Tracking

So how does this translate into an ideal solution for your business? Essentially, if you’re always able to track where your vehicles are, they’ll be a lot easier to get back if they’re stolen. In addition to this, GPS gives you insight into driver behavior and allows you to tailor your company’s policies to save money and make your drivers safer. It also allows you to see which routes are the most efficient so that you can optimise your journeys.

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