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safetrac energy

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For years, SafeTrac has been helping you to keep track of your assets and vehicles. Now, we want to help you to keep track of your energy. Across businesses, energy expenditures can be quite shocking. This is why we’ve developed SafeTrac Energy solutions to help your business to save up to 42.7% on your energy bills.

safetrac energy

Orion Tag Technology

Orion is a world leader in tracking. Typically in the past we have suggested that their tracking software be used for assets and vehicles. However, they work just as well in measuring the energy consumption of a building. Orion’s incredible tag system means that you can track almost any facet of your premises – turning your company office into a bonafide smart building.

Energy Monitoring Systems

The energy monitoring system from MeasureMyEnergy is an incredible addition to any building. The discreet box is installed into a building and immediately it starts working hand-in-hand with your energy company to give you a detailed breakdown of where your money is going. This means that you can stop non-essential processes and applications that are costing you large quantities of money.

PIR Systems

PIR stands for passive infrared sensor. Traditionally these sensors have been used in motion activated alarm systems. They can also be used to track where the majority of footfall is in your building or as part of a motion activated lighting system. It’s a fact that turning off unused lighting saves money on energy bills – motion activated lighting is ideal for areas of your building that aren’t manned at all time.

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