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With something as valuable as a boat, it’s vital to invest in the proper security measures to keep it safe. Marine tracking helps you keep track of where your marine vessels are at all times to ensure that they’re being used properly. Thieves are becoming increasingly advanced, and as such, investing in marine tracking is becoming increasingly important.

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Keep Track of a Valuable Asset

Marine assets are highly valuable, and thieves are acutely aware of this. Therefore, it’s extremely important for your vessels to be tracked. With marine tracking solutions, you will be able to see where your assets are at any given time, from anywhere in the world.

Ensure Your Marine Vessel is Being Used Properly

If you have a wide number of marine assets, it’s important to ensure that they’re being used correctly. When it comes to something as valuable as a boat, maintenance can be expensive. As such, it’s important that you can monitor the health of your marine assets and ensure that they’re being used properly.

Protect Your Employees and Your Assets

If something goes wrong with a boat, it can be more serious than a car breaking down. Marine tracking solutions allow you to see when a boat is sending out an SOS signal. This signal will go straight to the authorities to enable them to save your employees and your marine assets.

Marine GPS Tracking

SafeTrac’s own marine GPS tracking system is a leading brand in the field of marine tracking. SafeTrac Marine allows you to remotely monitor your vessel from anywhere in the world and offers live GPRS and satellite tracking. It also notifies you of unauthorised movement and SOS signals.

Marine Tracking from Orion

The Orion marine tracking system offers incredible security and tracking for your marine vessels. Tags relay key data every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when moving to Orion gateways. These gateways then turn the data back to the site security team via the internet, Orion coverage, or satellite.

Orion tracking also offers the ability to monitor temperature, which alerts you to conditions that could cause your boat to develop mildew or dampness.

Why use SafeTrac for marine tracking solutions?

At SafeTrac, we offer both the Orion tracking system and our own marine GPS tracking system. For more information about tracking your vehicles or assets, simply get in touch today.

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