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TWIG ManDown+ now provides enhanced alert triggers Independent handling of device orientation and no movement caters to wider range of applications. The TWIG ManDown function has now been improved. With the new TWIG ManDown+ the TWIG personal alarm device alerts the alarm receiving centre (ARC) also in scenarios where the user is not moving due to unconsciousness but still remains in upright position.

With the TWIG ManDown+ function it is possible to define two independent alert triggers, device orientation and no movement, depending on which timer conditions will be reached first. • TWIG Protector Pro • TWIG Protector • TWIG Protector EasyS • TWIG Protector EasyP ManDown Alert is a sensor based aid for launching emergency cycle, initiating automatic voice call and position tracking to predefined ARC numbers, in case the user is unable to do manual alarm. Alert is sent when predefined parameters are met in the built-in accelerometer. In order to minimise false alarms or missing alarms, the ManDown settings need to be carefully matched with the usage scenario and environment. The user needs to be trained on ManDown function and also on understanding its limitations.

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