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Study Shows Route Optimiser software Saves £5,484 per Driver

A Global study concluded that companies save an average of £3,500 per employee per year by utilizing Route Optimiser  technology. The savings was mainly attributed to an increase in mobile workforce productivity and enabling enterprises to become more efficient via a reduction in annual labor and fuel operating costs. Route Optimiser  systems can help your company reduce fuel and labour costs while improving customer service significantly.

According to the research study, the main cited benefit (in the nearly 50 percent of enterprises currently using Route Optimiser technologies) was a significant reduction in fuel consumption – which was reflected in a reduction in travel distance by an average of 231.2 miles per week and recording £51,582 in annual fuel savings. The study revealed that companies utilizing Route Optimiser  technologies and equipment saved approximately 54 minutes per day – resulting in an annual amount of labor savings of £3,500 per employee.

There are many Benefits for fleets using a Route Optimiser  system; – better fuel use, routing, deployment, response times, safety, hours, maintenance and customer service. Depending on the size of your fleet, you may achieve positive ROI in less than a quarter by investing in Routing system

In addition to the cost savings, location applications were credited with improving the organization of employee routes, giving companies the ability to know precisely where their employees are at any given time and allowing them to examine routing scenarios before implementation.

In the age of immediacy, both B2C and B2B customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to delivery.
Businesses are now faced with the challenge of providing their customers with super-fast low-cost delivery, frequent notifications and an immediate response to queries.

Optimise a fast delivery service
Customer expectation is high when it comes to speed of delivery. With Maxoptra you can create low cost, optimised route plans in a matter of minutes through automated planning.
Our plans automatically take into account time window and vehicle access constraints, meaning that our routes are not only optimised, but also realistic.
Offer accurate delivery slots
Customers love to be offered convenient delivery time slots, however they also expect these slots to be accurate and for their delivery to be made on time.
Maxoptra from safetrac  will automatically plan the most accurate, efficient and low cost routes for you. This enables you to offer specific delivery times to your customers whilst remaining confident that you aren’t over-promising.
At Safetrac we put your customers at the heart of all features and functionality to ensure that you are consistently meeting, and exceeding, their expectations.

Manage unforeseen changes or issues with ease
Keep your customers informed

Best Route software

“While the improvements for our drivers, transport planners and customer care staff have had a massive impact on our business, the best results have been evidenced by our customers… And, as we all know, if you keep your customers happy, your business will go from strength to strength.”
Jon Evans, Managing Director of Arthur David

Frequently buyers will hold the retailer accountable for deliverability issues, even if the delivery was carried out by a third party. This has forced many businesses to pay increased attention to review sites such as TrustPilot and Feefo.
Safetrac and Maxoptra’s “Rate my Delivery” functionality offers your customers an official outlet to provide you with feedback; enabling you to measure customer happiness, address any issues and also identify your top performing drivers.
Even the most solid plans can change on the day of delivery. How you handle these changes is paramount to customer satisfaction.
Keeping your customers in the loop about current delivery location and time of arrival is becoming increasingly essential.
For added peace of mind for both you and your customer, our ePod app allows drivers to log proof of delivery signatures and photos and comments.

With Safetrac and  Maxoptra you can proactively send out advanced email and SMS ETA notifications to regularly keep your customers informed. Customers can also keep themselves updated via your own Website Widget and Facebook Bot.
With Maxoptra, changes to a delivery time slot can be handled with ease, even if your vehicle has left the depot. Make changes to a live route, assess the potential impact and work with the customer to make an informed decision. Drivers are even automatically updated via our Driver App or third party device.

If you would like more information or a free trial of our software Contact Us : 01489 600900


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