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Farming industry theft has seen an eight year high, with fears it will only increase as the economic crisis hits.

According to Farming UK, organised gangs are targeting farming machinery, quad bikes and livestock more and more, meaning a 9% rise and staggering £54 million loss in the rural world. The livelihood of many countryside locations are at risk, and fears are only rising on farming industry theft due to the Coronavirus pandemic that it will get worse as criminals need other ways to make money.

The Orion Network – helping keep farming industry theft at a minimum

At SafeTrac Solutions, we offer The Orion Network, a small, discreet device that not only protects but can RECOVER invaluable assets.

SafeTrac Solutuions | Farming industry theft on increase

The GPS-enabled tiny tags are small enough to fit in all your assets – including machinery, plant, and livestock!

The tags then relay data every two minutes when static, and every 30 seconds when in motions over locally installed Orion gateways – these then cascade data back to the owner, security team, or us, via the Internet, Orion coverage, or satellite.  The data is available on smartphones, laptops, and devices, so you can always be monitoring your valuable assets.

Farming industry theft technology

Keeping your assets where they should be

Enabling a ‘geo-fence’ border around the machinery or the living area of the animal, means if moved out of that border, an alarm will signal, alerting anyone who needs to know. Motion can also be detected near and around the border, acting as a preventative to thieves.

Organised criminals have been known to use GPS jammers, to try and confuse the tracking device. However, that doesn’t work with the Orion, as it is too sophisticated for that.

SafeTrac Solutions understands the importance of the farming industry and wants to protect it as much as we can – the Orion network is so discreet and easy to use that you can feel safe criminals wont be able to take away your livelihood.

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