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SafeTrac Solutions Ltd is one of the leading providers of vehicle tracking in Fareham.

Our tracking devices are ideal for fleets of vehicles to help with customer service and costs. They can locate cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans, and vans for individuals also

Real Time Vehicle Tracking in Fareham

Our live GPS tracking feature means you can track where your car wherever and whenever. This is ideal for businesses as it means as a company you can be 100% accurate with delivery times, and also choose the best routes saving time and fuel costs.

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Monitor Driver’s Behaviour

With SafeTrac Solution’s choice of vehicle tracking devices, you can help your employees with their driving behaviour. This will  help to reduce the costs of petrol, insurance and general maintenance

You will also be able to increase productivity and reduce your environmental impact. When you purchase a tracking device from SafeTrac Solutions, it will monitor the speed of the vehicle, acceleration and braking.

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Street View

Street View is a feature in our devices that gives you a greater insight into the ways and places that your units are driven. This feature of the system allows you to visually see where your driver is and has been. When you combine this with the driver behaviour monitoring, you are able to get a full picture as to why certain actions were taken.

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Defined User Places

With our vehicle trackers, you can access predefined user locations. This means you are able to easily set routes to regularly visited places as well as monitor the progress of your units as they are out on the road allowing you to decide on routes to avoid in the future that will help to reduce fuel costs and increase productivity.

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Our Car Tracker System helps:


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Increase revenues with better productivity, more jobs completed, more deliveries or collections made using our nearest driver application. Updating your drivers with live traffic information and delays.

Reduce your

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Make significant reductions in operational costs, through lower fuel bills, more efficient route planning, accurate overtime payments and putting a stop to unauthorised vehicle use and engine idling.

Improve Customer Service

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This gives you the ability to instantly respond to your customers ever changing needs with live up to the minute information. You can give accurate information to customers, speed up turnaround times and respond to urgent enquiries with confidence.

Ensure Safety and Security

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Increased unit security by knowing their exact location 24/7. Live information on driver behaviour and speed notifications. Our panic button features are also compliant with current legislation.

Our Car Tracker Options

Below are examples of some of our car and vehicle tracking options.
Please get in touch with your specific requirements so that we can help you choose the right tracker for your needs.

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