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We have all become painfully aware that environmental concerns are frequently top of the News Agenda these days.  I hear repeated mentions of Global Warming, changing weather predictions, Climate Change and the devastation of too much or too little rain.

Politicians and Industry Leaders are continually urging us all to do our bit and I am pleased to let you know that I can make it easy for you to join in the Super Green revolution here at Safetrac.  Not only do I provide state of the art Tracking devices I am conscious that becoming Environmentally focused is the way forward in 2016.

Produced after years of intensive research I have two great products Ecofast and Supertech that will save you money and turn you Super Green.

It’s now common knowledge that Trackers save you money.   As a leading Tracker supplier (saves up to 10%)  I have expert knowledge of reducing fuel costs for Clients.  I can now offer additional ways of saving a further 15%  or more on your fuel bills, protect the working life of your engines and help the environment, all at the same time.

I have two fantastic green solutions that boast tangible savings over time.  One product Ecofast, for cars and vans is so easy to use, you just pour it in your fuel tank when you fill up with fuel.  The other is Supertech, a cylindrical device which fits neatly inside your fuel tank.


Ecofast is the result of years of research and testing into a product that is essentially a cleaning agent which also preserves your engine.

It acts like a fuel and oil conditioner using minerals that coat the inside of your engine, giving your engine better energy outputs and dramatically reducing your emissions.  It also increases your engine life, reduces your maintenance costs, cleans combustion residues and super lubricates moving parts.

Ecofast gives great cost savings over time and makes vehicles last longer, I use it in my current car which is 2 Ltr diesel Land Rover  and I have noticed it runs smoother, sails through it’s service and my mpg has increased by at least 15% in the last year.  Imagine that multiplied in your fleet of vehicles?


What I love about Supertech is that it gives you up to 75% reduction of gas emissions and makes your engine last longer. It’s a simple cylinder, easy to install in large heavy haulage and plant engines and it lasts up to 5 years.  Inside the cylinder there is a combination of various metals that change the fuel into a more combustible product so the engine runs better and cleaner.  I used this product in a BMW 3 Ltr diesel and it increased the mpg by a whopping 17% over two years and I had the additional satisfaction of knowing I was doing my bit to help reduce emissions and save the planet.  It is excellent when used with marine engines and agricultural vehicles.

Call William on 0800 1455757 to find out more about multiple-purchase reductions


SafeTrac Solutions is a leading provider of vehicle tracking systems and devices.  We provide innovative and creative GPS tracking solutions, giving our clients complete control from anywhere on the globe. Supertech and Ecofast add the environmental element to our product portfolio.

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