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SafeTrac Solutions are proud to offer a range of Lone worker devices , from an  APP based system,  to Hardware with 2 way voice and SOS Alarm.

In a time where we have to be more remote and socially distanced, it’s great to be able to have systems like this that you can install yourself – and really easily!

And the best thing about it is that you can remotely track and manage your Staff or family member  from anywhere in the world.

It’s become more important than ever to protect your Staff and yourself.

TWIG man down alarm

TWIG lone worker alarm devices support man down alarm triggered by 4 independent alert triggers: device orientation, non-movement, free fall and impact. Alert is launched when predefined parameters are met.

In order to minimize false alarms or missing alarms, the man down settings need to be carefully matched with the usage scenario and environment. The user needs to be trained on mandown function and also on understanding its limitations.


What is man down alarm?


Man down alarm is an essential functionality in lone worker safety devices. If the lone worker falls or is unconscious, the launched man down alarm automatically calls for help.


When lone worker device’s man down settings are met, the device makes automatic call and sends the lone worker device position to predefined numbers in case the user is unable to trigger alarm manually.


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