OBD Tracker

Management by Measurement

The OBD tracker lets you take real steps to improve the safety of your fleet, helping reduce risks and maximize productivity.

SafeTrac Solutions is proud to be authorised resellers of Geotab’s OBD tracking solutions. Discover the ways in which Geotab can help you to keep track of the day-to-day running of your fleet and save you money.

OBD Tracker Features


Geotab’s new OBD system can track driver behaviour, enabling you to eliminate bad practices and ensure your drivers are following company protocols.


Geotab’s incredible tracking system allows you to see every detail of your drivers’ performance and behaviour, in real-time. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your fleet and manage how it represents your company.

Fleet Optimisation

Fleet and fuel efficiency data from Geotab helps you manage the performance and productivity of your drivers.

Improve the safety of your fleet by reducing risks

Posted vs Actual Speed: Compare your drivers’ speeds with the posted speed limits of city roads, motorways, and country lanes. Geotab lets you observe real-time differences in driver behaviour.

Our forward-facing cameras combine high-definition video integrated with Geotab’s telematics solution. Using a state-of-the-art integrated 3G vehicle camera and tracking system, we have created a solution that will help protect your fleet against false driving allegations, complaints from the public, high claims costs and increasing insurance premiums. We provide a web-enabled interface that allows access to video data received in the event of an alert either triggered through Geotab or a panic button located on the HD camera.

Instant accident notifications: Geotab’s real-time data allows you to make instant decisions in the event of an accident. Accident reconstruction is automatically uploaded to the cloud, which allows you to look at how the events surrounding an accident.

Insurance benefits: Insurance companies often seek out ‘preventable claims. The improvements in safety conditions that Geotab offers allows you to reduce the possibility of personal injury and claims.

  • Speeding
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Braking habits
  • Degree of corner turn
  • Acceleration
  • After-hours vehicle usage

These unique driver safety scores allow you to define areas in which your fleet is performing safely, and which areas require improvement.

Geotab lets you manage your company’s trips from anywhere, in real-time.

In-depth data from your fleet lets you increase your business’ productivity.

Geotab’s incredible tracking system allows you to see every detail of your drivers’ performance and behaviour, in real time. This allows you to highlight behaviours that fall outside of company policy and manage the problem and recreate your employees’ trips at any time.

Some further benefits to productivity include:

  • Custom Rules: With Geotab’s software component, MyGeotab, you’re able to fully customise how your data is presented to you. This lets you create custom rules and reports tailored to your fleets’ specific needs.
  • Send routes and view driver statuses: Geotab lets you simplify the way that you communicate with your drivers. Route information can be easily sent to drivers.
  • Match a driver to a vehicle: NFC technology allows you to see which driver is in which vehicle. This lets you keep track of each drivers’ productivity and safety, regardless of which vehicle they’re driving.

Fleet and fuel efficiency data from Geotab helps you achieve better value for money

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Geotab keeps you up to date with the health of your vehicles, so you can prioritise vehicles that are more in need of service over others.
  • Fuel Usage: Whether its fuel usage or fuel fill-ups, Geotab keeps track of it all. This helps you to identify and cut back on unproductive miles that are causing fuel wastage.
  • A Proactive Stance: Fleet vehicle repairs can be costly; Geotab offers GPS and accelerometer data to allow you to identify and eliminate driver behaviour that negatively affects brakes and tires.

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