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Due to the fact that most vehicles come equipped with GPS systems, OEM GPS trackers are a hot topic on the market. Business owners can more easily follow their fleets when the tracking systems are already installed in their cars, saving time, money, and further research. This more straightforward approach has numerous advantages and makes life much simpler for business owners.

Tracking Your Fleet Consistently

By using OEM tracking systems, you can guarantee uniformity across all of your vehicles in terms of the GPS installation, the technology used, and the data received. The business owner’s job is greatly simplified as a result, and you will have access to all the information you require on a single platform.

OEM GPS Trackers Make Sence

Numerous providers of GPS tracking services offer unique solutions based on the requirements of their clients. Many additional features, such as vehicle alarms, GPS safety cameras, radar detectors, etc., are created in response to client requests. Additionally, you have the option of developing an existing standard device or selecting a fully original concept and having it manufactured by OEM GPS tracker firms. A further advantage of using an OEM tracker is that they are competitively priced, allowing you to make significant financial savings during the installation process. This enables you to use your funds to expand your firm.

For a variety of purposes, including delivery vehicles, fleet management, fleet tracking, secure transportation, school bus services, and more, GPS tracking solutions are available. Your demand for GPS trackers can be readily satisfied using the most recent technology and reputable manufacturers, allowing you to begin managing your business effectively.

OEM Tracking Activated

OEM GPS Trackers Are The Future, Get ahead of the Pack!

30 Years Experience in Telematics

With more than 30 years in the industry, the  SafeTrac team is experienced in offering clients complete GPS and vehicle tracking solutions with control from anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to provide the most efficient and up to date vehicle tracking systems to help people to protect themselves and their property.

Global Knowledge With Local Feel

Based in Southampton, SafeTrac supplies tracking systems to the whole of the UK and Europe. Working with very carefully selected partners, such as Geotab and Teltonika, and distributors allows SafeTrac to offer a fully comprehensive service.

Our devices are all compatible with modern technology – so you can connect them to your phone, ipad and tablet. We are a 24/7 service so if your car is stolen in the middle of the night you do not have to worry – we will be alerted as well as you!

Specialist in vehicle, asset, lone worker & GPS tracking

We are specialists in not only fleet management software, but lone worker safety devices, asset tracking, and remote GPS tracking equipment.

This means that for fleet and vehicles we can help improve customer service with up to the minute tracking, driver monitoring and more, and help secure your valuable people and belongings with location alerts and geofencing.

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