Dashcam Tracking

Capture video for every critical event on the road

Cost-effective, multi-functional MDVR (mobile digital video recorders) enable you to track and monitor your vehicles in real time or from recorded footage.

Insights from GPS tracking and video recording can hugely benefit service orientated businesses, helping make dispatch more efficient with better customer service. 

Realtime footage keeps you up to date with traffic and weather conditions, as well as alerts regarding accidents and theft.


The all-new SmartWitness AP1 ADAS camera is a sleek, thoughtfully designed road-facing camera that captures video and vehicle data in one compact unit.

Installed in as little as 15 minutes, the simple, feature-rich design combines a forward-facing camera with video telematics, at a highly competitive price.


The KP2 dashcam is the first modular road-facing camera which has the option of adding a snap-on driver-facing camera, with no replacement or additional wiring and no downtime needed for installation. 

Adding the option of collision avoidance alerting and in-cab behaviour detection can increase safety and avert accidents. Realtime alerts notify drivers with a choice of natural voices, audio beeps or chimes.

Installed in under 15 minutes, the compact base unit is attached to a windshield-mounted bracket, uses a mobile app and auto-calibration for set-up.


The SmartWitness CP2 is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful LTE (or Wi-Fi) video transmission, built-in tracking, and telematics data.

Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident, the CP2 provides instant notifications and videos of incidents in less than a minute.

The CP2 features a 1080p wide-angle high-definition (HD) camera, six-axis G-sensor/gyroscope, microphone, removable SD storage (up to 128GB), cellular modem, integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver, permanent power cable with optional vehicle input sensors and a tamper-resistant design. An optional second plug-and-play camera can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver/vehicle interior.

Our Products

Helping you save money, save time, protect your assets and stay safe

Fleet Vehicle Trackers

SafeTrac’s tracking solutions let you know when a vehicle is idling or taking a less efficient route. This lets you optimise your productivity.

Dash Cam Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems allow you to respond quickly in case of an accident, monitor erratic driver behavior, and ensure that your drivers are operating to road safety standards.

Lone Worker Trackers

Staff tracking solutions will monitor employees to help improve staff safety, increase productivity and ensure compliance.

SafeTrac Fleet

  • Live 24/7 Tracking
  • Full access anywhere
  • Reports
  • Internal Battery
  • Smart phone and tablet compatible
  • Self installation (no installation costs)
  • Connects direct to battery

SafeTrac Fleet

  • Live 24/7 Tracking
  • Full access anywhere
  • Nearest vehicle locator
  • Street view
  • Smart phone and tablet compatible
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Full executive Reporting Suite
  • Full Technical Support
  • Driver ID
  • Driver Key Fobs
  • Panic Button

SafeTrac Fleet

  • Live 24/7 Tracking
  • Full access anywhere
  • Nearest vehicle locator
  • Installation uk
  • Smart phone and tablet compatible
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • ProFleet Reporting Suite
  • Full Technical Support

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