Marine GPS Tracking

SafeTrac Marine GPS tracking is a leading brand for marine tracking and security devices. Tracking gives vessel owners and operators the power to remotely monitor their watercraft from anywhere on the globe.  Features include live GPRS and satellite tracking, unauthorised movement and SOS panic alarms which link directly to authorities or our 24 hour call centre. Our experts are on hand and more than happy to listen to your requirements to find a solution that protects your marine assets.

Safetrac Marine Orion

Our Marine Orion System has been developed with several objectives in mind.   Firstly to increase security and the protection of your vessel with tags that relay key data.  Data is relayed every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when in motion over locally installed Orion gateways.
These gateways then, in turn, cascade key data back to the site security team over the internet, Orion coverage or even via satellite.

The gateway enables you to geo-fence a cordon around your vessel or asset, which allows you to receive alerts if objects are moved outside the designated area. Orion tags can also detect motion, which means they can be installed on ribs and floating vessels or dry-docked craft.  Because the system monitors temperate it will alert you if your vessel is getting cold.  This prevents damp and mildew. Other versions can monitor door/hatch intrusion, smoke/fire detection, and other electrical equipment.

Finally, GSM & GPS Jammers used in sophisticated heists are counterproductive against the Orion System.

With a marine pedigree going back over 30 years, our products are second to none.  Engineers have innovated constantly to create a powerful range of tags and GPS tags. With the absence of a Sim card, there is no ongoing cost. The tags have a battery life of 2 years.  (Depending on reporting schedule)

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