GPS Personal Solutions

Keep your employees and family safe

SafeTrac’s personal safety solutions give you and your family the confidence and peace of mind that they are only a push of a button away from emergency assistance.

Helping you save money

The main reasons our customers choose SafeTrac are affordability and reliability. 

Personal Tracking

GPS personal tracking systems transmit data in real-time, so you can keep track of loved ones, children, wandering seniors and people engaging in outdoor pursuits, such as hiking.

With our software and alarm system, you can receive emails, SMS direct to your smartphone or office computer as well as the current GPS data. You can also set timed and scheduled geo fences which will help you protect children and seniors by creating an invisible barrier.

Wia Tag Personal Tracking


The WiaTag app turns your mobile phone into a GPS tracker.  Free to download, with real-time updates.  The WiaTag user can track field employees, send tasks, exchange photos, location data and messages.

Designed so that employers can quickly and conveniently connect with several employees concurrently.

A simple Bluetooth bracelet and this free app connected to the Safetrac  account give any person  the opportunity to get information on whether people that are being tracked remain within the specified zone (home, office, hospital, etc.)

  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Conditions for obtaining: free
  • Compatibility: Wialon Hosting
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • BLE-beacon-like devices with iBeacon or Eddystone protocols support;
  • the option of taking off the bracelet only through the breakage of the seal or the bracelet destruction.
wia tag

Advantages for parents

The WiaTag app gives peace of mind to parents as they can track the movements of their children or parents in real time.

Users can create multiple geofences around the areas visited frequently and can have control over the smartphone battery by enabling the saving mode.

Together with peaceful family life, absence of worries through the day, and healthy nights’ sleep for parents, the solution ensures:

  • the Monitoring  of children’s routes and movements timing via the mobile app in real time;
  • the option to create as many geofences as necessary; 
  • the notification if a child leaves the geofence or presses the SOS button;
  • the instant locating of their child’s smartphone on the map. Note that the locating accuracy depends on the smartphone itself, too. Some devices provide more accurate information due to higher GPS-modules sensitivity (based on the phone components);
  • control over the smartphone battery charge or enabling the saving mode;
  • The app remote control on the children’s device.

Home and Work Safety Solutions can help you to:

Improve Safety

Our lone worker alarm solutions are designed to protect workers who could find themselves in a threatening position such as verbal or physical abuse, accidents, dangerous occupations or environments with a risk of physical danger.

Increase Productivity

With lone worker systems in place your employees will feel safer, more confident and motivated to complete their job when they are away from the base

Ensure Compliance

The use of lone worker alarms and lone worker protection systems can help your company in compliance with your lone worker policy and regulations from the Health and Safety Executive

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