Lone Worker Solutions

Give your staff peace of mind with Lone Worker Solutions

Safetrac’s home worker safety solutions give your employees the confidence and peace of mind that they are only a push of a button away from emergency assistance.

Panic Button & Man Down

With the panic button and man down sensor, our lone worker systems offer complete protection whilst your workers are out in the field giving your employee the confidence and peace of mind to carry out their work in the knowledge that they are only a button press away from contact with a control room who can get emergency assistance on the way 24/7.

From nurses and careworkers to electricians and maintenance workers, lone workers have some of the most risky jobs out there. This is largely due to the fact that if something goes wrong on the job, no one is there to help. Lone worker solutions from SafeTrac take the risk out of working on your own.

Staff Tracking

Safetrac personal tracking systems can give your staff the independence and freedom they deserve while giving you peace of mind.

With our software and alarming system, you can receive emails, SMS direct to your Smartphone or office computer as well as the current GPS location of loved ones. The timed and scheduled geo fences are a powerful way to protect your staff by creating an invisible barrier you set yourself.

Helping you save money.

Our customers tell us that there are numerous reasons why they choose SafeTrac, but one of the main reasons is the saving in costs.  Savings range from a minimum of 10% but usually in excess of 25%. These cost savings arise from a variety of factors including the use of less vehicles, reductions in sub-contract transport costs and optimised route planning.

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