Lone Worker Solutions

Give your staff peace of mind with Lone Worker Solutions

SafeTrac’s Lone Worker safety solutions give employees the confidence and peace of mind to carry out their work safely, with the knowledge that emergency assistance can be raised at the push of a button.

Lone Worker safety is finally getting the attention it deserves, as companies are urged to protect their most vulnerable workers.

These solutions allow employees to keep connected with their organisation, providing visibility and activity data as well as peace of mind.

Panic Button & Man Down

With the panic button and man down sensor, our Lone Worker systems offer complete protection whilst your workers are out in the field. 

This gives employees the confidence and peace of mind to carry out their work in the knowledge that they are only a button press away from contact with a control room who can summon emergency assistance 24/7.

Staff Tracking

Safetrac personal tracking systems can give your staff the independence and freedom they deserve while giving you peace of mind.

With our software and alarm system, employers can receive emails, SMS direct to your smartphone or office computer as well as the current GPS location of employees. The timed and scheduled geofences are a powerful way to protect your staff by creating an invisible barrier.

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