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Earlier this month, we looked at vehicle crash statistics and explored emerging trends in crash data. Geotab telematics can also be used as a way to measure crash statistics to make driving and fleet management safer for everyone. Let’s take a look at the ways in which Geotab’s unique way of collecting data can serve the greater good for drivers and companies.


Driver Behaviour Reporting

Geotab lets you know exactly what your drivers are doing while they’re on the road. This means that it keeps track of unsafe driver behaviours and allows you to put policies in place to curb them. In a fleet of drivers, Geotab assigns safety scores to each member of the fleet, so you can be aware of which members of your staff might be engaging in more hazardous behaviour.

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Geotab Driver Safety Reporting

In addition to driver behaviour, Geotab also reports on driver safety. Geotab can be set up to work according to your company’s rules. This means that Geotab can report not just on regular driver behaviour but also on your company’s unique driver rules. If these rules are broken, Geotab sends this data back to you.

Statistics for The Greater Good

Geotab’s data isn’t just useful for individuals and companies, however. It can be used to help society at large. The data gathered from vehicular crashes allows Geotab to report to other companies and work on solutions to make driving safer in general.

How Do These Statistics Affect Companies?

Apart from the benefits to driver behaviour and adherence to company rules, Geotab’s data on driver safety means that companies with fleets will benefit from advancements in technology to prevent vehicle crashes in the future. This will prevent the loss of earnings that comes from crashes, ensure safer conditions for staff, and prevent potential damage to the company’s reputation.

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