Can Vehicle Tracking Save You Money?

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Vehicle tracking systems that save you money

SafeTrac helps companies and individuals to save money by using there 
vehicle tracking solution  for  fleet, commercial and private solutions

SafeTrac helps companies to save money by using vehicle tracking on fleet and commercial solutions. Along with private car owners who can not only protect their own car but also gain insurance benefits from the service.

Driver Tiredness


At SafeTrac they have over 25 years offering clients complete GPS tracking solutions with control from anywhere in the world. Their aim is to provide the best vehicle tracking systems to help people to protect themselves and their property.


As specialists in fleet management software, lone worker safety devices, asset tracking and remote GPS tracking equipment, they can help you find the perfect solution for your business to save you money and secure your workers.


Based in Southampton, SafeTrac supplies tracking systems to the whole of the UK and Europe. Working with very carefully selected partners and distributors allows SafeTrac to offer a fully comprehensive service.


SafeTrac can help you save money by giving genuine advice get in touch for a friendly chat to discover the best solutions for your requirements whether you are a business or a private car owner.



Benefits of Vehicle Tracking:

Reduce Fuel Costs

Vehicle tracking solutions let you optimise your routes, to allow you to cut down on your fuel expenses.

Increase Productivity

SafeTrac’s tracking solutions let you know when a vehicle is idling or taking a less efficient route. This lets you optimise your productivity.

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Vehicle tracking from SafeTrac helps you to crack down on unsafe driver behaviours that risk the health of the public, your drivers and your vehicles.

Improve Customer Service

Being able to let your customers know exactly where their delivery driver is does wonders for customer service. SafeTrac also lets you ensure that your fleet is making deliveries at the right times.

Safety and Security

Vehicle tracking from SafeTrac lets you respond quickly in case of an accident, monitor erratic driver behaviour and ensure that your drivers are operating to road safety standards.


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