Geotab and Statistics


Earlier this month we looked at vehicle crash statistics and explored emerging trends in crash data. Geotab telematics can also be used as a way to measure crash statistics, to make driving and fleet management safer for everyone. Let’s take a look at the ways in which Geotab’s unique way of collecting data can serve […]

Driverless Cars: Future or Fad?

driverless cars

The idea of an autonomous car that drives itself has been around for decades. It stands as a symbol of the future the same way that hoverboards or self-lacing Nike high tops do. But with the recent sad news that one of Uber’s fleets of driverless cars was involved in a deadly collision with a […]

GDPR Compliance for Fleet Data

Safetrac offer GDPR compliance for Fleet data GDPR and Fleet Management Fleet management is a data-driven business activity. Fleet managers must consider the data they collect and process, who they collect it from (e.g. their drivers), how they process the data, where it is processed or transferred, and who, if anyone, they use to process […]

Low and Zero Emissions Zones and Fleets

zero emissions

In light of the recent news that Oxford is striving to become the UK’s first emission free city, we at Safetrac decided to take a look at the stats behind low and zero emissions zones and take a look at how they’re effecting the environment and companies with fleets. Zero Emissions and Disease Oxford is […]

Vehicle Crashes: Statistics That’ll Change The Way You Think

vehicle crashes

Vehicle crashes and road crash fatalities have been on the increase for years. As the owner of a fleet, it’s important to be aware of trends and to call attention to the importance of safety amongst your drivers. Let’s take a look at some of the eye-opening statistics on the issue of vehicle crashes: “A […]