Lone Worker Solutions and the NHS

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Lone workers have some of the riskiest jobs out there. No matter the industry that they’re working in, people working on their own are shouldering a great deal of risk. Within the NHS, there are a number of sectors that employ lone workers, and steps are always being taken to ensure their safety. So what can be done to ensure that these valued employees are kept as safe as possible?

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Lone Worker Solutions

Lone Worker Solutions is the name given to a type of technology designed to help lone workers out in the field. Typically discreet and often disguised as a part of your uniform, these technologies track your location, feature man-down buttons, and help alert people to your location. Lone worker solutions work on frequencies that phones don’t, which means that no matter where you are, help can be sent directly to you.

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How Lone Worker Solutions Can Benefit The NHS

As mentioned previously, there are a number of sectors within the NHS that employ lone workers. These are community-based healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, emergency care practitioners, midwives, and chaplains. While these employees typically work within a hospital, they are often working solo.

It’s also important to consider employees who support patients in their own homes. These include carers, nurses, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists. These people provide an incredible service, but entering a patient’s home alone renders them vulnerable.

It’s not only healthcare staff that need to be aware of the dangers inherent in lone working. Security and maintenance staff are often working alone and are just as vital to keeping the NHS a well-oiled machine.

These workers are part of what makes the NHS great, and as such, efforts must be made to ensure their safety and peace of mind on the job.

SafeTrac Solutions is Committed To Helping The NHS

At SafeTrac, we are always thankful for the incredible work our NHS and its staff do every day. That’s why we want to help ensure that NHS employees are kept safe. We stock a number of lone worker solutions ideal to aid lone working NHS staff. For more information about our lone worker solutions or any of our other tracking initiatives, please get in touch today!

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