TWIG SOSCard: The Ultimate Lone Worker Solution

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As a lone worker in any industry, your job will always carry an element of risk. Working alone means that, in the event of an accident, there’s no one around to help you. However, TWIG has been innovating increasingly subtle lone worker solutions to ensure that those working independently are able to get help when they need it. This week we are going to specifically look at the TWIG SOSCARD, the lone worker alarm device disguised conveniently as an ID badge.

twig soscard

Why the disguise?

Unfortunately, if you get into a bad situation working alone, it might not be an accident. If you find yourself being intimidated or harassed, then you need an alarm system that’s discrete. Simply taking your phone out and calling for help could lead to the situation escalating. The TWIG SOSCARD is so subtle that one can easily sound the personal alarm without alerting those around you. Even when a GPRS signal isn’t available, the personal safety alarm can use its short-range device transceiver to alert nearby devices.

TWIG SOSCARD will ensure you’re found quickly!

If you’re injured while working alone and are knocked unconscious or are otherwise incapable of calling for help, the TWIG SOSCARD could be a lifesaver. In the case of head injuries or problems such as cardiac arrest, time is of the essence when reaching the patient. The TWIG SOScard features an automatic Man Down++ alarm. Additionally, the card’s predefined emergency protocol transmits your last known location and opens a two-way voice connection to the alarm receiving centre. This means that if you’re hurt or sick, someone can send emergency services to your location and potentially save your life!

The difference between SOScard and a phone

The overarching question when it comes to lone worker solutions is “Why not just use your phone?”. It’s true; in 2018, almost everybody has a phone, if not a smartphone. However, mobile telephones work over three channels: 4G, 3G, and GPRS. If you’re hurt or in a bad situation and have no signal, your phone is rendered useless. In addition to this, as mentioned before, producing a phone in an intimidating situation can lead to the situation escalating.

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At SafeTrac Solutions, we are proud to be authorised resellers of the TWIG SOSCard, along with a wide range of other TWIG products. For any information about our lone worker solutions or any of our other tracking devices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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