TWIG SOSCard: The Ultimate Lone Worker Solution

As a lone worker in any industry, your job will always carry an element of risk. Working alone means that, in the event of an accident, there’s no one around to help you. However, TWIG has been innovating increasingly subtle lone worker solutions to ensure that those working independently are able to get help when […]

Asset Tracking solutions from Safetrac

SafeTrac offers powerful management tools to help clients improve their asset optimisation and increase safety and security. Our system allows our clients to remotely track and manage all assets from anywhere in the world. Find out more about Asset tracking! Discreet Asset Tracking Solutions We have a range of asset tracking hardware, from a permanent power source (solar or engine) to a […]

Lone worker solutions from Twig

No matter the profession, a lone worker carries a certain element of risk. Should anything happen to them on the job, it’s up to them to get the word out to their employer that they’re in danger. That’s why at SafeTrac, we’re dedicated to making it easier for lone workers to be found and aided […]

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