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No matter the profession, a lone worker carries a certain element of risk. Should anything happen to them on the job, it’s up to them to get the word out to their employer that they’re in danger. That’s why at SafeTrac, we’re dedicated to making it easier for lone workers to be found and aided quickly; we supply the Twig line of lone worker solutions.

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Discreet Lone Worker Solutions

The Twig SOScard is a lone worker alarm that takes the form of an ID badge holder. This makes it particularly useful for lone workers in care institutions or working outside the home. If something happens, a lone worker can sound the alarm discreetly to keep them safe until help arrives.

If a lone worker is in a situation in which they need to sound the alarm, it might be that the situation will escalate if it’s discovered that they’re calling for help. In a situation like this, Twig’s discreet nature serves to keep your employees safe.

A Range of Connectivities

Twig’s lone-worker solutions work across several networks, including 2G, 3G, and GPRS. This means that even if your worker is in a place where there’s little mobile signal, you can still track them easily. People often ask, “Why can’t I use my mobile phone if I’m in danger?” and the answer is that you can. However, due to the nature of a mobile phone, there are some circumstances and areas in which the phone will not even be able to make calls or texts. Emergencies won’t wait until you can get into an area with a better signal.

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For more information about any of our lone-worker solutions from Twig, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are always delighted to answer questions and help you keep your lone workers safe. Call us at 01489 600 900 or visit our contact page to receive more information.

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