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SafeTrac Solutions is proud to be the South’s reseller of Teltonika’s FMT 100 GPS vehicle tracking system. Teltonika already has a number of e-TOLL system-certified vehicle trackers in its product portfolio: FMT100, FMP100, FMB001, FMB010, FMB920, FMB120, FMB125, FMB130, FMC130, FMB140, FMB640, and FMC640. Here, to showcase the solution and the value it brings, we […]

TWIG SOSCard: The Ultimate Lone Worker Solution

As a lone worker in any industry, your job will always carry an element of risk. Working alone means that, in the event of an accident, there’s no one around to help you. However, TWIG has been innovating increasingly subtle lone worker solutions to ensure that those working independently are able to get help when […]

How GPS Tracking Works

These days, GPS is pretty much everywhere. But have you ever considered how it’s made possible and how it works so well for fleet managers and businesses? GPS stands for global positioning system. Through communication with a network of satellites, GPS allows us to use trilateration.   What’s Trilateration? You might have already heard of […]

Geotab: Management by Measurement

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At SafeTrac, we’re proud to be an authorised reseller of Geotab fleet tracking solutions. But what is Geotab? This blog post will discuss exactly what it is and how it can benefit modern business and society at large.   Incredibly Rich Data Foremostly, Geotab offers extremely rich data for your vehicles. The data collected includes […]

Business Vehicle Tracking and Driver Behaviour

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you’ll be aware of the importance of appropriate driver behaviour. Proper driver behaviour affects your spending, your business reputation, and the health of your vehicles. Business vehicle tracking solutions are available to help you monitor the behaviour of your drivers and ensure that your vehicles are […]

6 Fast Facts About Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking systems are becoming more common among larger companies with a vast number of vehicles. These include companies that provide transportation services, such as taxi services, or businesses in the construction industry. Essentially, any company with a large number of vehicles can benefit from fleet tracking systems. These fleet tracking services are a […]

Lone Worker Tracking: The Benefits.

If you run a manufacturing or construction company, you may not be aware of the risk posed to your workers. As they’re often working alone, away from the public for periods, there’s a possibility that should they come to harm, they may not be discovered for a long time. Using a lone worker tracker system […]

Asset Tracking: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

It’s a fast-paced world out there and unfortunately, crime is on the rise. Theft of valuable assets can cost your company large amounts of both money and time. This post will discuss some of the asset tracking methods available through Safetrac solutions.   Asset Trac Asset Tracking Asset Trac is Safetrac Solutions’ asset tracking system. […]

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