Lone Worker Tracking: The Benefits.

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If you run a manufacturing or construction company, you may not be aware of the risk posed to your workers. As they’re often working alone, away from the public for periods, there’s a possibility that should they come to harm, they may not be discovered for a long time. Using a lone worker tracker system means that you are minimising the risks to your workers and keeping your business operating at peak performance. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of lone worker tracking systems.

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Lone Worker Tracking Reduces Risk to Lone Workers

If one of your lone workers has a serious accident on the job, they must receive aid as quickly as possible. In the event of a spinal injury, head injury, or blood loss, the chance of a full recovery, or even survival, can come down to mere minutes. A lone worker tracking system will also help the worker to work more productively, knowing that should anything happen, they will receive help quickly. A worker who feels secure will work better.

Security for your Workers

Following on from the last point, a worker who feels secure is likely to work better. Additionally, implementing a lone worker tracking system lets your workers know that you care about their welfare. Workers are more likely to try to succeed under an employer who cares about their needs and well-being.

Locate Your Workers

Lone workers are often disparate and work according to their schedules. Therefore, even when your workers are working properly and according to schedule, you might not be aware of where they are at any given moment. A lone worker tracking system helps you immediately locate the exact position of your worker. This is important in case a worker gets stranded; you need to let them know about adverse weather conditions or warn them about major traffic or roadworks.

Protect Your Business

It sounds a little cynical, but what’s good for your lone worker is also good for your company. A business that deals with accidents and emergencies poorly and inefficiently is more likely to lose employees and face legal problems. If you’re aware that the job has its dangers but fail to protect your employees adequately, it doesn’t look good to your insurance company or your legal representatives. A lone worker tracking system can even protect your business from costly payouts and dissatisfied workers.

“But can’t I just use a mobile phone?”

You could. It’s 2017; everyone has a mobile phone. What you do need to consider is whether a mobile phone is suitable for your lone workers in every situation. There are several factors that could render mobile phones unsuitable:

  • Poor reception in the area your lone worker is operating in
  • What if the lone worker is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated?
  • Touch screens will not work if the worker is using gloves

By all means, ensure that your lone workers are equipped with mobile phones. However, a lone worker tracking system is essential as a failsafe in case the mobile phone cannot be used.

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