Asset Tracking Protects what is yours.

#vehicle tracking

SafeTrac Solutions is proud to offer a range of Asset tracking  devices that can range with battery life from 12 months to 10 years In a time where we have to be more remote and socially distant, it’s great to be able to have systems like this that you can install yourself—and really easily! And […]

Everybody needs this Camera system

SafeTrac Solutions are proud to be the South’s reseller of SmartWitness camera  system. In a time where we have to be more remote and socially distanced, it’s great to be able to have systems like this that you can install yourself – and really easily! This powerful Camera system  helps give you more peace of […]

Feel safe with our checkpoint tracking devices

Checkpoint tracking devices | SafeTrac Solutions

Feel safe with our checkpoint tracking devices The recent sad news of a girl who was recently attacked walking home at night highlights that we need to protect ourselves and each other as much as possible. We want to tell you about our lone people checkpoint tracking devices so you, your workers, or your loved […]

Waterproof Asset Tracker is as great as it sounds

Asset tracker

The SAT100 – (SafeTrac Asset Tracker 100) is as smart as it sounds.   This robust, small, and waterproof device is ideal for anyone wanting to protect and track valuable goods and assets.   It has an internal battery with a one-year life guarantee and will cost you just 55 pence a day.*   Does […]

Driverless Cars: Future or Fad?

The idea of an autonomous car that drives itself has been around for decades. It stands as a symbol of the future the same way that hoverboards or self-lacing Nike high tops do. But with the recent sad news that one of Uber’s fleets of driverless cars was involved in a deadly collision with a […]

GDPR Compliance for Fleet Data

Safetrac offers GDPR compliance for Fleet data GDPR and Fleet Management Fleet management is a data-driven business activity. Fleet managers must consider the data they collect and process, who they collect it from (e.g., their drivers), how they process the data, where it is processed or transferred, and who, if anyone, they use to process […]

Twig Embody: The Wearable Lone Worker Safety Device

twig embody

The Twig Embody is a high-tech device that can be worn on the wrist, around the neck like an ID card, on a hook attached to clothing, and in many other discreet configurations. Don’t let its small size fool you though; it’s a powerful lone worker protection device with a number of important specifications. Ideal […]

Dash Cam: Protecting Your Business and Saving Money

There are a number of reasons behind the rising popularity of dash cameras in domestic and commercial vehicles. These cameras are unobtrusive and can be set up to record internally or externally. There are a number of reasons to invest in a dash cam for your fleet – let’s take a look at some of […]

The Benefits of Plant Tracking

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, unless it’s tied down, people will try to steal it. This is equally true of plant machinery. As such, plant tracking systems are becoming increasingly important in order to keep track of vital machinery and minimise the risk of theft or misuse. So what are the benefits of […]

Lone Worker Tracking: The Benefits.

If you run a manufacturing or construction company, you may not be aware of the risk posed to your workers. As they’re often working alone, away from the public for periods, there’s a possibility that should they come to harm, they may not be discovered for a long time. Using a lone worker tracker system […]

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