Dash Cam: Protecting Your Business and Saving Money

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There are a number of reasons behind the rising popularity of dash cameras in domestic and commercial vehicles. These cameras are unobtrusive and can be set up to record internally or externally. There are a number of reasons to invest in a dash cam for your fleet – let’s take a look at some of them:

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Dash cam and Your Insurance.

Beginning in 2015, several major insurance companies announced that they would begin accepting dash cam footage as evidence when making claims. This means that, depending on your insurer, using a dash cam could even reduce your insurance policy. For a business with a large fleet of vehicles, any insurance savings are worthwhile.

The reason that dash cam footage is permissible as evidence lies in the fact that it is clear enough to see registration numbers and trade plates. Furthermore, the concrete evidence offered by a dash cam is often considered to be more reliable than the testimony of a driver still shaken from being involved in a road traffic accident.

Dash cam and fraud.

Dash cam footage can also be used to prevent insurance fraud. A popular method of insurance fraud is for a driver to brake suddenly, causing the vehicle behind to hit them. The fraudster will then claim for the damage caused to the vehicle and often injury. With the use of a dash cam, you will have clear evidence of what happened if a member of your driving team is unfortunate enough to be involved in one of these scams.

Driver Behaviour.

In addition to recording other drivers, a dashboard camera can be used to monitor the behaviour of your own drivers. Illegal activity such as using a mobile phone while driving or driving aggressively will be recorded and can be dealt with quickly. This allows you to deal with driver behaviour quickly before it has a chance to escalate and potentially harm your business’ brand.

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