FMT 100

ABOUT safetrac

The FMT 100 from Safetrac is a small, waterproof, self install Tracker. New design, new features Internal Back up battery. Internal High Gain Antenna Waterproof.   Self install. This easy to install unit, just requires connecting to the main battery , will work even under the hood. Mapping software We supply both pc and mobile […]

SafeTrac helping battle farming industry theft increase

Farming industry theft on the rise

Farming industry theft has seen an eight year high, with fears it will only increase as the economic crisis hits. According to Farming UK, organised gangs are targeting farming machinery, quad bikes and livestock more and more, meaning a 9% rise and staggering £54 million loss in the rural world. The livelihood of many countryside […]

10Y Asset tracking device

Safetrac 10Y Asset tracker , as the manager of a fleet of Assets, naturally you know the importance of Asset management. But did you know that the Safetrac 10Y Asset tracking device from safetrac as a life time of up to 10years We are pleased to announce the beta release of the Safetrac10Y, an asset tracking device with an […]

Top Tips for Drivers

TOP TIPS FOR DRIVING IN WINDY WEATHER       Here is a list of things you could do when driving in windy conditions on the road.  1.Check the Wind Speed When Planning A Trip Before you even get on the road you should be checking weather while you are planning your trip. Make sure […]

Know Where Your Vehicles Are, And Where They’ve Been.

vehicle tracking

Do you know where your vehicles are? And where they have been?       Know where your vehicles are, As an employer you can check your drivers are carrying out their duties as expected and optimise routes and assign projects based on nearest-available drivers. You can also monitor vehicle mileage and hours clocked to improve maintenance and safety. Monitor […]

How GPS Tracking Works


These days, GPS is pretty much everywhere. But have you ever considered how it’s made possible and how it works so well for fleet managers and businesses? GPS stands for global positioning system. Through communication with a network of satellites, GPS allows us to use trilateration. What’s Trilateration? You might have already heard of triangulation. […]

Geotab: Management by Measurement

Tom Tom

At SafeTrac, we’re proud to be an authorised reseller of Geotab fleet tracking solutions. But what is Geotab? This blog post will discuss exactly what it is and how it can benefit a modern business and society at large. Incredibly Rich Data Foremostly, Geotab offers extremely rich data for your vehicles. The data collected includes […]

Business Vehicle Tracking and Driver Behaviour

business vehicle tracking

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you’ll be aware of the importance of appropriate driver behaviour. Proper driver behaviour affects your spending, your business reputation and the health of your vehicles. Business vehicle tracking solutions are available to help you to monitor the behaviour of your drivers and ensure that your vehicles […]

6 Fast Facts About Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking

GPS fleet tracking systems are becoming more and more common amongst larger companies with a vast number of vehicles. These include companies that provide transportation services, such as taxi services, or businesses in the construction industry. Essentially, any company with a large number of vehicles can benefit from fleet tracking systems. These fleet tracking services […]

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