Asset Tracking: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

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It’s a fast-paced world out there and unfortunately, crime is on the rise. Theft of valuable assets can cost your company large amounts of both money and time. This post will discuss some of the asset tracking methods available through Safetrac solutions.

Asset tracking


Asset Trac Asset Tracking

Asset Trac is Safetrac Solutions’ asset tracking system. Asset Trac is a smart and effective way to keep track of your equipment, such as diggers or tractors. As recent news has shown us, just because a piece of equipment is large and unwieldy doesn’t mean it’s not a prime target for criminals. Using this smart tool, businesses can remotely track and manage all assets from anywhere in the world.

Peace of Mind

As you will be aware of the location of your belongings from anywhere in the world, this system offers unbeatable peace of mind. Even if you can’t physically see your equipment, you’ll know exactly where it is!

Simple Yet Effective

The Asset Trac user interface is extremely user-friendly. This means that tracking your assets is extremely easy to do, even for people who are less well-versed in the latest technology. You will receive email reports regarding the status of your assets; checking the location of your valuables is as easy as browsing your email!

Cost Effective Asset Tracking

Asset Trac is an affordable and cost-effective method of tracking your assets. It also minimises any possibility of losing precious time or money due to theft or loss. There are also different plans available to suit each of your precise needs.

Another method of asset tracking comes courtesy of the Orion system.

Orion Asset Tracking

When it comes to staff and asset tracking, Orion is the tracker of the future. Orion lets you tag your valuables (and even staff!) with tiny GPS-enabled RFID tags; these tags then relay data every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when in motion. This data is then sent back to a site security team over the internet.

So what makes Orion such a powerful tool? Let’s take a look at some of its features and benefits.

Unlimited Asset Tracking

The Orion system’s unique tags are small enough to be placed on almost anything. Orion also offers hardware and software tracking solutions; any asset or application that needs real-time tracking data can be added to the Orion system. In addition to this, Orion uses a global data network, which means it can be used anywhere in the world.

Reducing Commercial Costs

The Orion system is in use all over the world, and costs are decreasing dramatically. In addition to this, by using this system to track your assets, you’re dramatically decreasing the possibility of lost profits due to theft.

Protection from Heists

Orion’s asset tracking system will not be affected by the GSM and GPS jammers which are typically used in more sophisticated heists. You can rest assured that your valuables will be kept safe from even the most prepared of thieves.

Get in Touch for Asset Tracking

At Safetrac Solutions, we are proud to be a trusted seller of both Asset Trac and Orion technology. Get in touch today to learn more about Asset Trac and Orion, and to start protecting your valuables.


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