SafeTrac helping battle farming industry theft increase

Farming industry theft on the rise

Farming industry theft has seen an eight year high, with fears it will only increase as the economic crisis hits. According to Farming UK, organised gangs are targeting farming machinery, quad bikes and livestock more and more, meaning a 9% rise and staggering £54 million loss in the rural world. The livelihood of many countryside […]

Introducing SafeTrac Energy

safetrac energy

For years, SafeTrac has been helping you to keep track of your assets and vehicles. Now, we want to help you to keep track of your energy. Across businesses, energy expenditures can be quite shocking. This is why we’ve developed SafeTrac Energy solutions to help your business to save up to 42.7% on your energy […]

Asset Tracking: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

asset tracking software

It’s a fast paced world out there and unfortunately, crime is on the rise. Theft of valuable assets can cost your company large amounts of both money and time. This post will discuss some of the asset tracking methods available through Safetrac solutions. Asset Trac Asset Tracking Asset Trac is Safetrac Solutions’ own asset tracking […]