Loosing valuable & often irreplaceable objects can be devastating to us all. Hence protecting those valuables in a discreet ,secure and cost effective manner is of paramount concern.Unfortunately attacks & theft are on the rise particularly when budget restrictions quite often force security compromises leaving inadequate protection in place.

The Orion Network

The Orion Network has produced highly credible results when protecting and recovering high valuable assets and looking after your staff . Tag your valuable objects with our physically small GPS enabled RFID tags. The tags are small enough to fit inside or be attached to frames, display boxes, art pieces, historical objects, plant and machinery, etc.

For lone workers, we also offer a tag with a panic button, which will alarm the system.

Tags then relay key data every two minutes when static and every 30 seconds when in motion over locally installed Orion gateways.
These gateways then, in turn, cascade key data back to the site security team over the internet, Orion coverage, or even satellite.

The gateway enables you to geo-fence a cordon around the building or asset allowing you to receive alerts if objects are moved outside the designated area. Orion tags can also detect motion so that they can be installed on doors and windows, security gates and other version can monitor Fire alarms and other electrical equipment.

Finally, GSM & GPS Jammers used in sophisticated heists are counterproductive against the Orion System.

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The Benefits

  • Secure, monitor and track your High Valuable Objects & Treasures, staff , visitors, suppliers and maintenance.
  • Real time – temperature & humidity monitoring, shock sensing, 3D movement alerts, battery monitoring, power-down alarm, tracking & recovery.
  • Very small GPS enabled tags can be installed as either a fixed or stand alone install.
  • Plug and Play hardware.
  • Customizable reporting platform to meet your exact reporting requirements.
  • Monitor outsourced maintenance, know when the area has been worked on, when, how long the job took.
  • Real time exception reports highlight irregular on-site activity.
  • very cost effective over time reduce requirement for GSM providing significant savings.
  • The Orion network is limitlessly scalable, tag anything within the Orion safe-zone for complete asset visibility.

How Orion Works

  • The Orion Gateway Plugs easily into existing Ethernet
  • The gateways control key access points
  • Operate on Low Frequency Radio Signal
  • Long range 500 meters + Radius of each gateway
  • GPS tags for near real time tracking of vehicles and people
  • Non GPS tags for tamper alerts and logistics solutions
  • Switch tags for smoke detectors and fire systems
  • Tags for controlling Temperature
  • Importantly You tag what is important to you
  • Directional Antenna’s for targeted localsation


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