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Pet locator from SafeTrac Solutions

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As if the world is not distressed enough currently, the rise of domestic pets being stolen from right under the owner’s noses is on a significant increase. The need for a pet locator is now needed more than ever.

During lockdown, people wanted a companion to keep them company. This meant the prices of dogs and cats in particular rose, according to this BBC report. 


People losing jobs and unemployment being higher than recent years, thieves saw this as an opportunity to steal pets to sell on. 

All it takes is your dog, cat or rabbit having some fresh air in the garden, or your canine running through the woods on your walk. 

SafeTrac Solutions pet locator is ideal for alleviating the fear of your beloved family pet leaving you. Not only is it great for stolen animals but if your animal is lost (very common in the winter months).

Protecting your family pet

Lewis from Southsea experienced losing a pet: “Last November I took our dog for his daily evening walk. However, he ran off in the park and as it was so dark, I couldn’t see him, next thing I know he had been run over.”

“We didn’t want that to happen with our next dog, so we invested in a pet tracker from SafeTrac. It means we get alerted straight to our phone when he is out of the location he is geofenced to. We can act quickly.”

The pet protector

Safetrac Solutions | pet locator

The GPS devices sit in the collar and give precise positioning. As soon as your pet is out of the location they should be in, you are alerted to your phone or electronic device, and can act to find them. Even if a thief is to wrestle the collar off them, it gives you time to act before they can do so. 

For just under £10 a month and a one off £55 for hardware, you can be safe in the knowledge your pet is secure and protected, with our waterproof, fast-charging, GPS pet locators. 

Now more than ever we need to protect man’s best friend.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or to secure your pet locator. 


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