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SafeTrac Solutions Ltd. specialises in providing advanced fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety for businesses. Their services include: GPS Vehicle Tracking: Real-time monitoring of vehicle locations to ensure optimal routing, reduce fuel consumption, and improve delivery times. This service aids in managing a fleet’s logistical aspects more effectively. […]

24/7 visibility: Safetrac’s reliable tool and asset tracking

SafeTrac Solutions Ltd is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in providing innovative solutions for tracking and monitoring assets. With a strong emphasis on safety and security, SafeTrac offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. One of the key offerings from SafeTrac Solutions is its advanced […]

Non-Powered Asset Tracking Units

Asset tracking

Non-powered assets are a big part of the business. With our easy-to-use solution, monitoring the location and movement of your assets is more than just simple. It is profitable. Safetrac is Europe’s leading solution for end-to-end non-powered asset management. We help you make sure your assets are always in the right place at the right […]

Asset Tracking Protects what is yours.

#vehicle tracking

SafeTrac Solutions is proud to offer a range of Asset tracking  devices that can range with battery life from 12 months to 10 years In a time where we have to be more remote and socially distant, it’s great to be able to have systems like this that you can install yourself—and really easily! And […]

What is the WiaTag and why do I need it?

SafeTrac Solutions | What is Wiatag

Are you a business owner with a mobile workforce? Do you want to ensure that your workers are communicating and working effectively and safely? Then the WiaTag is a product that you need to invest in. What is the WiaTag? To put it simply, the WiaTag is an app that allows you to track a […]

The easy and accessible pet locator by SafeTrac Solutions

Pet locator from SafeTrac Solutions

As if the world is not distressed enough currently, the rise of domestic pets being stolen from right under the owner’s noses is on a significant increase. The need for a pet locator is now needed more than ever. During lockdown, people wanted a companion to keep them company. This meant the prices of dogs […]

Planning ahead for 2024 with SafeTrac Solutions

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from SafeTrac Solutions. As we approach 2024 (and say a happy farewell to 2020), here at SafeTrac Solutions, we thought we’d remind you of all the ways we can help you and your business. We are […]

Keep your loved ones safe during these times with our tracking devices

OEM Tracking Activated

We want to assure you all that we’ve been working behind the scenes on the tracking devices and technology that are most important during the coronavirus pandemic and winter 2020! Keep your lone workers safe!   Lone workers have always been a priority when it comes to ensuring their safety, and the Twig is a […]

SafeTrac helping battle farming industry theft increase

Farming industry theft has seen an eight year high, with fears it will only increase as the economic crisis hits. According to Farming UK, organised gangs are targeting farming machinery, quad bikes and livestock more and more, meaning a 9% rise and staggering £54 million loss in the rural world. The livelihood of many countryside […]

Asset Tracking solutions from Safetrac

SafeTrac offers powerful management tools to help clients improve their asset optimisation and increase safety and security. Our system allows our clients to remotely track and manage all assets from anywhere in the world. Find out more about Asset tracking! Discreet Asset Tracking Solutions We have a range of asset tracking hardware, from a permanent power source (solar or engine) to a […]

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