Vehicle Tracking – what is it?

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At Safetrac Solutions, we put an earnest on keeping our clients safe, and vehicle tracking is one of our top devices for doing this. So, what is it and why should you use it?

Vehicle tracking is the fleet management and tracker system that allows your company to reduce costs, whilst also improving customer safety and service.

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How does vehicle tracking work?

We have a live tracking feature, with GPS, with up the minute data of the vehicle’s location. This is great for delivery and haulage companies, for example, as you can give exact delivery times to customers. The device also has a ‘nearest vehicle’ feature, which means one of your drivers may be able to add on a job if they want.

In the long run, this saves time and money for your company. On average, we save our customers £88 per week per vehicle giving a huge annual saving!

Here’s why you should use our vehicle tracking:

  • Saves cost – Meaning no late deliveries, and also means driver can optimise route to quickest one, saving fuel expenses
  • Increase productivity – The vehicle tracker will let you know when a vehicle is idle, stuck in traffic, or taking a less efficient route, so it can be changed. This increases productivity in the long run.
  • Monitor driver behaviour – The GPS installed means any employers that are driving unsafe, risking the public, themselves, and the vehicle, will be discovered instantly
  • Improve customer service – As we said above, the device, allows you to know the exact time of arrival to a location, letting the customer know, improving service.
  • Safety and security – Through the tracker, an alert will notify you of any erratic behaviour of the driver, and if they are in danger.

What do you get with Safetrac’s vehicle tracking solutions?

Live 24/7 tracking – up to the minute location and driving data every second of the day

Full access anywhere – You can have the tracker connected to as many laptops, tablets and phones that you need to

Reports – to tell you the behaviour of the driver and the vehicle!

Internal battery that can be recharged

Self-installation of the device – meaning no fitting costs on some devices

This really is the solution you are looking for.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or get a quote.

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