The Benefits of Plant Tracking

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, unless it’s tied down, people will try to steal it. This is equally true of plant machinery. As such, plant tracking systems are becoming increasingly important in order to keep track of vital machinery and minimise the risk of theft or misuse. So what are the benefits of […]

Lone Worker Tracking: The Benefits.

lone worker tracking

If you run a manufacturing or construction company, you may not be aware of the risk posed to your workers. As they’re often working alone, away from the public for periods of time, there’s a possibility that should they come to harm, they may not be discovered for a long time. Using a lone worker […]

Asset Tracking: Keeping Your Belongings Safe

asset tracking software

It’s a fast paced world out there and unfortunately, crime is on the rise. Theft of valuable assets can cost your company large amounts of both money and time. This post will discuss some of the asset tracking methods available through Safetrac solutions. Asset Trac Asset Tracking Asset Trac is Safetrac Solutions’ own asset tracking […]