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Advanced Insights for Green Fleets Geotab provides critical data and business intelligence to help fleets achieve greater sustainability. Hybrid and electric vehicle status data can be captured through the advanced Geotab open platform for telematics.
Benefits of Telematics for Hybrid  and Electric Vehicles: • Capture rich vehicle data • Manage travel time • Monitor vehicle diagnostics • Predict possible vehicle breakdowns • Optimize asset utilization • Increase productivity, efficiency and safety


Power Up Your Fleet with Geotab.

Geotab supports a number of leading hybrid and electric vehicles and we are continually advancing capabilities. We also support some alternative and advanced fuel technology such as recording CNG gaseous fuel usage and levels.

With Electric vehicle’s we can show .
State of Charge, Charge Status, Charge Voltage , Ignition and a full set of reports showing , cost per mile and cost per charge.

zero emissions


Here are a few ways in which fleet safety management can save your company money in the long term.

Fleet Sustainability  and Geotab Embracing sustainability has numerous benefits for businesses, including greater efficiency and profitability. Many customers also look for and prefer suppliers that are more eco-conscious. Technology for a Greener Future
Geotab is a powerful partner for driving sustainability. The Geotab GO telematics device, combined with the MyGeotab software and Marketplace solutions, provide the tools for improving driving behaviour across the fleet and minimizing your environmental footprint. Geotab can help you track and optimize: + Fuel efficiency and fuel consumption + Idling and CO2 emissions +  Aggressive driving (speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and cornering) through in-vehicle driver feedback + Miles driven and routes + Preventative maintenance planning + Fleet utilization

Fleet Safety Management Reduces Speeding

We’ve looked at vehicle crash statistics before; in 2015, crashes at illegal speeds took the lives of over 9500 people. True enough, speeding is the driver behaviour that continues to cost fleet owners the most money, consistently.

While no matter how many times you articulate the risks, drivers will speed, the same need not be true of your fleet. There are a number of ways in which speeding among fleet drivers can be minimised through fleet safety management.

  1. Check the speedometer – this lets you ensure that you’re obeying traffic laws and staying within the speed limit.
  2. Leaving early – if you’re not in a race against the clock to get to your destination, you’re less likely to speed.
  3. Answer questions from your drivers – what’s expected of your team? Is there any leeway? What are the deadlines? If your drivers know the answer to these questions, they can’t claim ignorance if caught out.
  4. Use telematics – telematics can provide alerts when drivers are driving at speeds above the legal speed limit. They can also be customised to set your own company speed limits within the fleet.

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Save fuel, save money

Cutting down on excessive idling will allow you to save a substantial amount of money each year. While a small amount of idling will always happen, Geotab’s database calculates that for every hour spent idling, you waste a gallon of fuel. Therefore, if a fleet of 100 vehicles spends 20 minutes a day idling for a month, you will see wastage of 833.33.

Telematics lets you associate drivers to specific vehicles using NFC tags or other telematic solutions. This lets you work with drivers to eliminate their wasteful idling habits and walk them through how it affects their fuel costs.

Fleet safety management and seat belt use

The importance of using a seatbelt when operating a vehicle cannot be overstated. It’s the most effective way to prevent injury or fatality in crashes. Furthermore, being caught driving without a seatbelt can leave you open for costly fines. For a fleet with a number of drivers, the cost of not wearing a seatbelt can really begin to add up.

Fortunately, telematic technology allows you to monitor the seatbelt use of your drivers and ensure that the fleet safety management of your employees. Not only does this potentially save you money, but it also is likely to prevent life-threatening injury and death.

Find out more about fleet safety management

At SafeTrac we offer a number of solutions to ensure proper fleet safety management. To find out the perfect fleet management solution for your company or to find out more information about any of our products, get in touch today!

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