Are You Protecting Your Lone Workers?

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TWIG One Ex – the new intrinsically safe personal alarm device designed to protect lone workers in explosive hazardous areas.

New design, new features

The new robust design wraps new features like a keypad with configurable menu and function keys, robust SIM card tray for Nano SIM, firmware update over the air, optional belt clip, possibility to change SOS key colour,  4G data communication and NFC reader and of course all essential lone worker protection functionalities.  TWIG One Ex  is compatible with TWIG Point cloud services and  backwards compatible with previous TWIG devices.


Twig one EX
Loneworker device

Your Duty of Care
But what if your lone workers find themselves in a threatening position from verbal or physical abuse?  Or if they have an accident or are in physical danger?  And how would you know?  Would you know their location?  Would they feel safe and protected?

What is a Lone Worker Tracking Solution and how can it Help?
If staff are working away from a fixed base, their employers will need to know where they are at any given time and that they are safe and secure.

With real-time information on the current GPS of workers or loved ones, the intelligent software and alarming systems of a lone worker tracking solution can help with this

Tracking can take place on a smart device, wearable technology, or an app simply downloaded to a smartphone. Information is then sent by email or SMS directory to the phone or computer. Concerns about privacy are easily alleviated as lone workers can only be tracked whilst at work.   It is also good to know that the data will only be shared with those monitoring them safely.

health and safety at work

What’s Your Company Policy and are you Compliant?
Your obligation as an employer of a lone worker is to keep your employees safe.

So a lone worker safety policy is a practical guide where employers can set out the company rules on working alone.  This helps employees understand the risks they might face.   Your staff are then provided with practical advice and instruction on how to safely work alone.

It is considered that the use of lone worker alarms and protection systems can help your company in compliance with your lone worker policy and current regulations from the Health and Safety Executive.

SafeTrac Solutions are dedicated to creating a safer working environment for everyone.   We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of lone worker security and management solutions in the global market today.  Contact us with your requirements or for a free demo.


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