Five Things you didn’t know about William at Safetrac

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1.       I Offer  customers a  24/7 Emergency Response

Customers with one of our Lone Worker devices are monitored 24/7. Any emergency such as a heart attack, an electric shock, or an accident of any kind (even if the worker can’t push the emergency button) will generate SOS alert.  This will get immediately sent to our UK call centre and to our mapping software Webtrac.

I am proud to say we also have a unique picture in picture precise location notification which helps us find you quicker.

2.       I provide free advice 24/7

I am on hand day and night to pick up the phone to you with free advice on any of our products.

3.       I have 21 years experience in the Industry

I can usually tailor a great solution to any of your problems regarding vehicle monitoring, lone worker protection, safety and fuel saving.

I have a passion for safety and I can help you keep your drivers driving safely within the law.  Our unique actual road speed software will alert you if your vehicle is being driven above the legal road speed limit.


4.       I have tracked many unusual items

During my time in this industry I have helped track many different things such as Reindeer in the Arctic Circle, valuable house plants in Covent Garden, Diamonds worldwide, Oil, Paintings, Wine and one rather enormous concrete crusher.  I have also specialised in tracking metal containers for the storage of waste food which believe me, was one of the most challenging problems presented to me by a client for which I found a unique and effective solution.


5.       I give genuine, upfront no nonsense solutions

Customers say I give great impartial advice; I am genuinely motivated to ensure my customers find the right solution to their problem which really works.  I combine up to date technical know-how, software and products with an honest understanding of how these will work for each individual client.

For impartial advice please call me on 01489600900

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