Introducing our new version of Webtrac, it will amaze you!

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Many companies these days see vehicle tracking as an expenditure that they really don’t need. I beg to differ and believe me, the features added to Webtrac will save you money and give you access to some exciting new tracking insights. It will astonish you with its capabilities which give it many more functions than other leading Tracking suppliers.

Yes, I did say better than other tracking suppliers.
The majority of vehicle tracking solutions have a standard map facility and basic information but our improved Webtrac does so much more.
It has all the usual features of Vehicle Tracking including.
· Access to a website which allows real time vehicle monitoring
· Full reports on driver behavior
· Mobile view
· mpg
· Dashboard on vehicle performance
· Geo-fencing
· Co2 and fuel reporting
· A dedicated Account Manager
· Live traffic and travel information
· Daily email report

On top of all this I have developed some exciting extra features which have answered queries raised in many conversations with my customers. I have added layers to the software that have some amazing tangible benefits. One of these is picture in picture viewing which is brilliant because it gives you a clear pictorial representation of where your vehicle is (using google street view). The others I will tell you about when I give you your demonstration.
I am passionate about the things that Webtrac can do and every time I demonstrate it the reaction I get is just fantastic.
Customers rave about this new version and say that it ‘sells itself’ ‘I can prove it saves you money as you know where your vehicle is.’

Call me, William on 0800 1455757 for a FREE demonstration of our new version of Webtrac, you will be amazed at what it can do.Call me or email me.
SafeTrac Solutions is a leading provider of vehicle tracking systems and devices. We provide innovative and creative GPS tracking solutions, giving our clients complete control from anywhere on the globe.
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