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Users and administrators of lone worker alarms need to be assured of the reliability of the system in case of an emergency. An audit trail of quality assurance may also be required. The TWIG Self-Test function, when enabled by system administrator, initiates a sequence of device tests always when the TWIG device is powered on, effectively and conveniently forcing the user to verify device functionality on a regular basis. Depending on device and system configuration, the functionalities to be tested include Emergency button, ManDown function, and TWIG short range devices (SRD): the TWIG Button for wearable remote alarm triggering and the TWIG Beacon for indoor location.

TWIG Self-Test can also be configured to include the alarm receiving centre (ARC). In this case the device self-test results are transmitted to the ARC which responds with acknowledgement, thus completing functional verification of the whole system. TWIG Self-Test complies with DIN0825 requirements and is supported by the following TWIG devices of device types TUP90EU and TCP90EU: TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector Pro and TWIG Protector Ex.

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