Do fleet managers realise that many of their drivers may be putting themselves, other employees and the public at risk?

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It is not just that individuals may be vulnerable. If a prosecution is brought against a company driver for dangerous or careless driving, the employer could also find itself in the dock.

A recent report suggested that more than one-third of company car drivers are so ignorant of the Highway Code and basic road laws that they represent a high risk. Even allowing for the possible vested interest of the training company conducting the research, this is worrying. It is only partially mitigated by drivers’ better scores for attitude, hazard perception and concentration/observation.


This is where driver behaviour   software with vehicle tracking can help. Information about how your drivers are driving, if they are speeding, harsh breaking and even lane-hogging and tailgating, obviously dangerous practices have only become illegal during the last three years.



Other new laws may be less well known. No fleet manager will be complacent about whether their drivers are qualified; most of them conduct initial checks, at least. That should be only the start, for the organisation’s sake as much as for individuals.

In an ideal world, every fleet manager checks licences before allowing employees to represent them on the road, with regular and frequent rechecking. In reality, rechecking is far from the norm. Worse, this is the bare minimum needed to check that a driver is safe. With SafeTrac fleet management software this information can be stored and updated and viewed in real time . An apparently experienced driver may have qualified so long ago that their knowledge is now decades out of date. Having real time information at your fingertips can save you thousands. A warning to a driver could make them think and save a life.


Safetrac solutions a leader in vehicle tracking can offer you reports and real time alarms about how your drivers are driving.


For more information and a real demonstration contact Safetrac on: 08001455757 or email

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