Speeding Fine Increase

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Speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales will rise by up to 50% after new sentencing guidelines were published.

The current limit for a speeding fine is 100% of the driver’s weekly wage, up to £1,000 or £2,500 if they are caught on a motorway.

However, when the new guidelines take effect from April 24, a driver caught doing 41 mph in a 20mph zone, or 101 mph on a motorway, could be fined 150% of their weekly income – although the upper cash limit will stay the same.

“While these changes might only be dismissed as ‘sentencing guidelines’, drivers should be aware that – in practice – a magistrate is likely to stick to them unless they have a strong indication that doing so would not be in the interests of justice.


 William Reid , operations director at vehicle tracking provider Safetrac solutions ltd , said: “Safety should always be a number one priority for companies  with fleets”.

The decision to significantly increase the penalty for drivers that exceed the speed limit sends a clear message that such behaviour is not acceptable.

Managers should  put procedures in place to tackle the problem  and help reduce speed on our roads, By installing a vehicle tracking system for example, managers will be able to identify those workers who break the speed limit, This will allow them to identify drivers that would benefit from further education and training.


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