Paperless transforms any paper form into a mobile application, accessible through TomTom, iPhone or Android devices.


Go Paperless transforms any paper form into a mobile application, accessible through Tom-Tom, iPhone or Android devices. The service is fully customisable to fit the needs of your business. You can use it for any job, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic vehicle checks
  • Deliveries
  • Inspections
  • Assessment
  • Surveys

Build your own forms and allow mobile workers to capture photos, videos, signatures and barcodes in the field. The system works like your email synchronising when signal is available.

You can create forms through our hosted service. There you can manage all forms, track the progress of each job, set up workflows and extract data to be used in other systems.

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Integrate workflow with your forms – if during a vehicle check a defect is discovered, send an email to the technician. This greatly reduces the time required for tasks to be completed and simplifies compliance with industry regulations. Advanced users can use our API (Application Program Interface) to integrate with their back office system in real time.

Our service integrates with TomTom WEBFLEET and has been optimised to use the new Pro devices. Combine the power of TomTom with collecting signatures, barcodes and photos – directly through your TomTom device. Within the app, users are able to request information from the WEBFLEET service, such as “Find my nearest Technician”, “Navigate to a job” and “ Receive/Create service updates”.

Download Benefits

Once jobs are downloaded to the mobile device, you no longer require network coverage to view, edit or complete them and you can use the navigation to travel to the work location. As soon as you connect to a 3G, 4G or WiFi network, all of your completed jobs are submitted to the server and new jobs are received (just like email).

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