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We know many of you are very excited about the country reopening again soon – and first up is pub gardens and BBQ’s at our friend’s houses. 

It is exciting – but let’s not take our eye off the ball when it comes to our security. If you haven’t already got one – why not purchase a car theft tracker?

Why do I need a car theft tracker?

So, your local pub garden is open again – you drive down to save time and money, leaving the vehicle there overnight after you have that one too many catching up with your friends. Everybody else has the same idea and this is like a kid in a candy shop for car thieves and burglars. 

Theft in vehicles increases significantly in the summer, for many reasons, such as more people are about meaning thieves can be inconspicuous, the lighter nights make it easier to steal and, also owners could perhaps be more off guard. 

So how can SafeTrac help you keep your car safe and more significantly locate your car if it is stolen? 

Car Theft Tracker | SafeTrac Solutions

The SafeTrac Solutions car theft tracker

Here’s some of the features of our tracker:

  • Our TRACKER’s unique signals cannot be jammed from GPS like many other similar trackers This means thieves cannot stop the GPS working and that when it is stolen, you have more chance of tracking it down.
  • Our advanced trackers will alert our system when a car with one installed is moved without a key.
  • The car theft tracker still works in containers, lock ups and underground car parks. 
  • Our trackers are not just for cars, but motorbikes, vans and non-powered vehicles too 


Starting from just £12.50 a month, you can feel safe this summer, that leaving your car overnight somewhere whilst enjoying those overdue social occasions. 

The car theft trackers will not only deter many opportunists but also help get your car back if it is stolen.

Get in touch today to discuss or order your device today. 


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