Waterproof Asset Tracker is as great as it sounds

Asset tracker

The SAT100 – (SafeTrac Asset Tracker 100) is as smart as it sounds.   This robust, small, and waterproof device is ideal for anyone wanting to protect and track valuable goods and assets.   It has an internal battery with a one-year life guarantee and will cost you just 55 pence a day.*   Does […]

Vehicle Tracking – what is it?

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At Safetrac Solutions, we put an earnest on keeping our clients safe, and vehicle tracking is one of our top devices for doing this. So, what is it and why should you use it? Vehicle tracking is the fleet management and tracker system that allows your company to reduce costs, whilst also improving customer safety […]

SafeTrac helping battle farming industry theft increase

Farming industry theft on the rise

Farming industry theft has seen an eight year high, with fears it will only increase as the economic crisis hits. According to Farming UK, organised gangs are targeting farming machinery, quad bikes and livestock more and more, meaning a 9% rise and staggering £54 million loss in the rural world. The livelihood of many countryside […]

Asset Tracking solutions from Safetrac

asset tracking

SafeTrac offers powerful management tools to help clients improve their asset optimisation and increase safety and security. Our system allows our clients to remotely track and manage all assets from anywhere in the world. Find out more about Asset tracking!   Discreet Asset Tracking Solutions We have a range of asset tracking hardware , from a permanent power(Solar or Engine) to small battery […]

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life… Six Ways in Which Fleet Management Technology Can Make Your Drivers’ Lives Easier by Irvin Gray Fleet management technology – how can it benefit your drivers? Fleet management technology brings many benefits to drivers as well as fleet managers. Take a typical day out with a driver in our latest infographic […]

Driver Face Crackdown

Motorists may not be cut any slack when it comes to the 70mph limit thanks to the roll-out of motorway speed cameras. Drivers on motorways around the UK are facing a much greater risk of being fined for exceeding the 70mph speed limit due to the roll-out of the Smart motorways scheme. What is a […]


Protect Yourself against False Claims & Encourage Safe Driving Behavior Whether you’re a victim of a false insurance claim, a parent of a teenage driver, or just looking to have indisputable evidence on your side, then look no further than Safetrac solutions  . Aside from beautiful HD video capture, SmartWitness records vehicle speed, time/date, vehicle […]

Five Things you didn’t know about William at Safetrac

Safetrac Reviews

1.       I Offer  customers a  24/7 Emergency Response Customers with one of our Lone Worker devices are monitored 24/7. Any emergency such as a heart attack, an electric shock, or an accident of any kind (even if the worker can’t push the emergency button) will generate SOS alert.  This will get immediately sent to our […]

Want to save money and turn Super Green!

We have all become painfully aware that environmental concerns are frequently top of the News Agenda these days.  I hear repeated mentions of Global Warming, changing weather predictions, Climate Change and the devastation of too much or too little rain. Politicians and Industry Leaders are continually urging us all to do our bit and I […]

Introducing our new version of Webtrac, it will amaze you!

Best dash cams 2017

Many companies these days see vehicle tracking as an expenditure that they really don’t need. I beg to differ and believe me, the features added to Webtrac will save you money and give you access to some exciting new tracking insights. It will astonish you with its capabilities which give it many more functions than […]